St. Robert Bellarmine

Catholic Church

Funerals at St Robert Bellarmine Parish

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things we experience in our lives, whether a sudden unexpected loss or after a long illness. We grieve and feel the loss in many, many ways. Your parish family is here to help you get through this very difficult time. Please call us if you need to talk or just have one of us come to be with you during this difficult time. Listed below are some thoughts about planning the service and what to do after a death.

1) Please call the church to let us know so we can join you in prayer. Father would also be happy to come for a visit with you and your family. We can also give you some guidance on days and times for the funeral before you meet with the funeral home.

2) Meet with Fr. Richard Rocha to plan the service; picking readings, music and prayers that you would like as a part of the service. You can do this before you meet with the funeral home or we can meet right after you finish at the funeral home.

3) Meet with the funeral home you have chosen to plan the details on their end. Have them call us to coordinate the dates and times to make sure they will work for them and for us. We make every effort to do the funeral on the day and time best for you, but things like Father being gone or a major conflict we cannot move could impact that. These instances are rare as we make funerals a priority and ministering to your needs is first on our minds.

4) Can you do cremation? Yes-the only requirement is that the cremains must be treated with the same respect as the body and the ashes should be interred but can be in a columbarium instead a plot.

5) Can I donate my body to science like a hospital? Yes you can and it is very worthy to do so. The hospital will treat the body with great respect. Can I still do a funeral service if the body is donated to a hospital? Yes

6) My loved one has a terminal illness-can we plan the Mass before they die? Yes, it is often a very good idea to do so, even though it is difficult. It is one less thing for you to deal with after they have passed and the grief is overwhelming you. It can give you to time to really reflect on the readings and music and to get their input into it as well.

If you have other questions, please contact Fr. Richard Rocha at the church. We know this is one of the most difficult things we have to do in life. We are here to help and support you and to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

If you are having difficulty with the loss and need to talk, please contact Father or any of us on staff. We are here for you.