St. Robert Bellarmine

Catholic Church


Our HandUp Ministry helps families that are living in area hotels to obtain permanent housing, usually in the form of apartment rentals. In 2015 we helped 3 families move from hotel living into rentals. We are currently actively working with 3 families that we anticipate will be ready to move into rentals in the May to July timeframe. We could use help from the parish in two areas - Legal Assistance and Furnishings donations.

Legal Assistance

Some of the families that we work with need help with legal issues, the most common of which are driving violations and bankruptcy. We are looking for lawyer(s) in the parish that might be willing to work pro bono or at a reduced rate so that we can help families get past some issues that are preventing them from either driving legally or being able to execute a financial plan that will allow them to move forward. This would be only a small number of instances each year requiring this kind of help. Please contact us if you might be interested in or have further questions about providing legal assistance.

Furnishings Donations

Even though we still do not have any permanent storage space, the time is near enough that we are going to go ahead and begin lining up furniture and furnishing donations and we may be able to pick up some items in advance. We do not operate like a thrift store and we are typically furnishing smaller apartment sized units, therefore we are really only looking for items on the list and we ask that any items donated be reasonably clean and in good working order. We will be happy to provide a receipt for any items that are donated. We are looking for donations of the following items:

Twin beds (we could use 2 twin beds immediately and we will pick them up)
Queen beds
Night Stands
Kitchen Tables and Chairs
End tables
Twin and Queen Bedding
Living Room Chairs
Coffee Makers
Coffee cups
Kitchen towels
Kitchen washclothes
TV tables
Power strips
Vacuum cleaners
Cleaning supplies
Bath towels
Wash cloths

If you have any of the above items to donate, please contact us.