St. Robert Bellarmine

Catholic Church

History of the Parish

St. Robert Bellarmine was established on July 1, 1983. Services began at the Blue Springs Rolladium and the Lake Lotawana United Methodist Church. The building was completed and dedicated on Decemeber 15, 1985. The 16,000 sq. ft. building serves four needs for the congregation: Worship, Education, Social and Administration. The Worship area seats 650; The Parish Hall, with an adjoining 400 sq. ft. kitchen, serves the social needs of the parish. In 2002 an addition was completed to our parish that includes classrooms for parish school of religions and for other meetings, a youth room, areas for storage, a food pantry and offices for the Pastor, Director of Religious Education, Youth Minister, Business Manager and Social Justice Coordinator. It also includes a shell that we plan to make into a multipurpose hall and gym.


St. Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit priest, was born in 1542. After ordination in 1570, he became the first Jesuit professor at Louvain (1569-76). His most famous work, a three volume text, was noteworthy as it showed the divine-right-of kings theory was untenable. Bellarmine was made Cardinal by Pope Clement VIII on the grounds that he has not his equal for learning. As a theologian,m he wrote two catechisms which have had a great influence in the church.

Robert Bellarmine devoted his life to the study of scripture and Catholic doctrine. His writings help us to understand that not only is the content of our faith important, it is Jesus - living person - as revealed by His life, death, and resurrection - that is the source of revelation. He died on September 17, 1621 (Feast Day) and was canonized by Pope Pius XI.