St. Robert Bellarmine

Catholic Church

The Blessed Virgin and Social Justice

It is and has always been the job of the Blessed Virgin to introduce her son to the world.

When I was an evangelical protestant, I thought the purpose of the church was to bring the world to Christ. This was accomplished through preaching and conversion. As a Catholic, my understanding of the Church's mission is somewhat different. As Catholics we are called to bring Christ to the world. This is accomplished through living an example of obedience and service. To Christ. To one another. And, to all mankind, especially the poor. Whenever we demonstrate the love of Christ in the world we are partnering with the Blessed Virgin in the performance of her task of introducing her son to the world.

There are many ways in which we partner with the Blessed Virgin. Whether through volunteering, sacrificial giving, or simply living an exemplary life in our homes and workplace, we are following her example of obedience and service.

From time to time I mention opportunities to serve in our parish or community. Please prayerfully consider how you can introduce Christ to the world around you in your own life of obedience and service.